Trump May be Considering Legalizing Pot

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The Trump administration has confirmed a prominent marijuana legalization advocate is being considered to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has confirmed in a press conference that Jim O'Neil is in contention for the job.

O'Neil is a strong supporter of marijuana and was an active board member for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, which helped legalize it in California. 

He is the managing director at Mithril Capital Management, owned by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel who is a major Trump donor and transition team advisor.

If confirmed, this appointment will be questioned by many from Trump's base, but hailed by social liberals and libertarians alike.

With Trump's focus being on the economy and creating jobs, it only makes sense that he would want to decriminalize a drug that has never been known to kill anyone through its use.

Currently all pot sales (aside from a few states) are done on the black market leaving the federal government out of the loop for valuable tax revenues. 

The Cato Institute estimates marijuana revenue could generate nearly $9 billion annually in direct federal and state tax revenue, if it was taxed similarly to alcohol and tobacco. Governments would also save billions not having to enforce draconian federal and state laws enforcing its prohibition.

The US currently spends $51 billion on the never ending war on drugs. This figure would diminish drastically if Trump were to decriminalize its use. Law enforcement arrests around 650 thousand people every year for a marijuana law violation.

The US has the highest incarceration rate in the entire world, this is a costly burden on taxpayers and it is mostly due to the war on drugs. In 2014 the US saw 2,224,400 Americans, or 1 in every 11 adults, incarcerated for drug related offences. In fact, every 37 seconds, someone is busted for pot.

With 28 US states already legalizing its use for marijuana, it only makes sense the Donald Trump would legalize its use. The political gains he would make from doing so, would be enormous. 

Under Obama's DEA, the non-addictive Cannabis oil was recently reclassified as a schedule 1 drug, meaning they have no medical use and could be abused. However, the oil has been known as a natural solution used to help treat various medical issues such as childhood seizures, epilepsy and even cancer.

Not only would the Republicans boast about freeing negro slaves from the civil war but they would also be able to boast about freeing incarcerated non-violent Americans from the drug war.

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