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Automation, the power to enrich all of our lives

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The main consensus around the world is that automation is killing jobs and increasing the wage gap. That it is making the rich richer and the poor poorer. To fix that, people have been calling for everyone to be paid a living wage. Doing nothing for an income. Let's see the free markets response to all of this.

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Canadian Judge Suspended for Wearing Donald Trump Hat

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A Canadian judge from Hamilton, Ontario who wore the recognizable red "Make America Great Again" hat has been suspended. The incident was meant to be a joke towards his fellow Clinton supporting judges, however the joke wasn't taken kindly by everyone as he is now not allowed to try any more cases.

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Oliver Stone Rips MSM for Fake News about Russian Aggression

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Oscar winning director of Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July and a Vietnam War veteran has accused the mainstream media of generating fake news reports about Putin and Russia. In a December 29th Facebook post he outlined how Donald Trump is "target number one of the MSM propaganda".

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US at war with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia all to Protect the Petrodollar

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The US dollar currently makes up 2/3rds of the worlds global reserve currency. This is because nearly every oil-exporting country in the world exclusively sells their oil in US dollars (the Petrodollar), so nations are forced to hoard large amounts of US dollars, allowing the US to print it almost to infinity without hyper-inflating their currency.

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The Free Market on Jobs and Productivity

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A Free Market Capitalistic model thrives on the idea that the business will provide a valuable service and will grow and expand through success. Therefore, issues such as minimum wage, health care assurances, and union practices are particularly detrimental to the business as it is forced to play by one-size-fits-all regulations.

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Minimum Wage Hikes will Only Hurt the Poor in 2017

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One thing this new year brings with it will be higher salaries for unskilled workers... well, either that or less jobs for them, higher expenses for them and everyone else, longer wait times to get service and many businesses with either be forced to automate their low skill jobs or will just shut down completely.

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2017 Could Make Tesla & Elon Musk Bigger than Ever

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We love hearing about private industry successes, especially those from tech companies. One of the big players of the entrepreneurial tech world is Elon Musk who has some exciting times ahead for the new year. Musk who claims to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative seems to have a vast understanding of technology and business.

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Obama Becoming Insignificant as Trump Gets the Nod for Syrian Peace Talks

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As President Obama's reign over American politics comes to an end, he seems determined to make as big of a mess for the incoming Donald Trump as he can. Placing the blame for the loss of the election on Russian hackers and engaging in sanction warfare by expelling 35 Russian diplomats from their American retreats. One of which is a Chef.

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When plunder has become a way of life for a group of people living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it.

- Frédéric Bastiat