Women Everywhere Should be Embarrassed by these Women's Marches

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Hundreds of thousands of feminists are currently marching throughout the streets of major cities around the world trying to get governments to pass laws that will force employers to pay men and women the same salaries.

They feel there is massive discrimination against women, however when you look at the statistics within proper control groups you find the opposite is true, that men are actually earning less pay then women. 

Feminist groups are creating a huge disservice to their fellow females, making them think they are being unfairly treated, making them disgruntled at their lot in life and hateful toward men, for no reason at all.

The gender pay gap is not a result of discrimination but is due to personal choices in regards to income, occupation, flexibility and fulfillment. Read on to lean how capitalism has made the world a little more fare then what you might have been taught by the mainstream media and outspoken feminist groups.

Author of 7 gender related books and former feminist, Warren Farrell, explains in this video where the discrepancies in the misconstrued gender pay gap come from and why we should not take them at face value.

Occupational Choice

More men work in fields that garner higher pay such as engineering, computer sciences and technology or even those involving hazardous work places.

More men work in hazardous jobs which often-times leads to higher pay, and the tradeoff being 93% of people who die in the workplace are men, with a death rate approximately 11 times higher than women. The industries with the highest death rates are mining, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and construction, all of which attract more men than women workers.

If you compare people who work 44 hours a week verses those who work 34 hours a week the difference in pay is around 100% more, believe it or not, and on average men tend to spend extra time at work, putting in overtime and staying late to get more work done.

The average male works 3.5 hours per week more then the average female. That figure alone accounts for 70% of the pay gap. Typically people who put in more hours at work show greater commitment to the company they are working for which leads to them being chosen for promotions and pay raises over those who show less commitment. This also adds to the pay gap discrepancies that cannot be charted in any reasonable way.

The Role of Capitalism

Why would anyone hire a man, if women could be hired for less pay for doing the same work? This is a common sense question. Women would be at an advantage and more hireable if this was the case and no one would ever care to hire a man in that situation.

Capitalism has a built in mechanism to punish people who discriminate and hire people paying them more then they would another person for doing the same work. They would be loosing business because they would be paying their employees (men) more then their competition could and in doing so would have to raise prices. 

The capitalistic punishment would involve that company going out of business or going broke as a result of their poor hiring standards. This is why we push for the ideals of free market capitalism to fix our problems and not get government involved, as they will always make things worse.

In essence, the government would not be needed to do what is already built into the structure of capitalism. Which is to punish those who discriminate against those who hire people to do less work for more money.

It should also be mentioned that taking a job is a voluntary decision between two parties. No one is forcing a woman to take or even keep the job they are in. If you are not happy with your pay, free market competition allows you to shop around for a better job. Why would you ever need the government to fix your problems when you are fully capable of doing that yourself. You don't!

Family Decisions

A lot of pay gap discrepancies are a result from family decisions and women taking time off to have and raise their children. Jesse Bernard analyzed this discrepancy and discovered something unusual. In his book "The Future of Marriage" he mentioned how never-married men (with no children) make on average less than never-married women (with no children). 

The crazy thing is, this book was written over 30 years ago, so this discrepancy has been around for decades.

Another interesting tidbit about that analysis is never-married women tend to work more hours and be more educated then never-married men, which supports the previous argument, that those who work more hours earn more pay.

Men who are never married and have never had children earn 85% of the amount that women who have never married or had children earn, when education, income and age are all controlled for.

There are more than 90 fields in which women out earn men and 30 large fields where women out-earn men by at least 5%. These fields include workers in investment banking and even dental hygienists.

Human Contact

There are a lot of fields, particularly those that involve touching people or looking at people naked from both sexes that completely discriminate against men. For instance, most people prefer female dental hygienists because they prefer a woman's fingers in their mouth as opposed to a mans. The same situation applies to massage therapy or even ob-gyn doctors who, today are mostly female. Is that discrimination, or is it just the facts of life?

Even looking at more simplistic jobs like Walmart workers. For the jobs that don't require that much or any skill to do the work you will find 90% of workers will be women. For instance, in women's apparel, 99% of the workers are women and in mens apparel 93% of the workers are women. 

Since there is this discrimination against men, this forces men to get additional skills in order to be hired and those skills allow them to be promoted more quickly over the women who don't have those same skills. 

Feminists overlook these things and cry out discrimination, convincing millions of people to march in protest and force witting politicians to force regulations on businesses that end up not only harming the businesses but harming women in the process since it can price women out of jobs they would have previously been hired into.


Another discrimination that is claimed by feminists is that male bosses discriminate against females. However, if you look at the data, that just is not correct. In fact if you look at small businesses that are owned by women and compare them to small businesses owned by men; the women owners make 49% of what male owners make. So when women are working under male bosses they are far more likely to make an equal amount as their male peers then when women were their own bosses.

The reason for this is due in large part because the goals of self employed men and women are different. Self employed women are more focussed on having a balanced work-home life where men are more focussed on their work. This is not discrimination, its just that different genders choose different focusses in where they put their time and energy.

Supply and Demand

The laws of supply and demand also play into the gender pay gap. Women tend to choose occupations that are more fulfilling to them then those that are of higher pay. So you will find more women teachers or librarians because those are fulfilling jobs and less women garbage collectors. Nobody wants to be a garbage collector.

This means their are more workers in the teaching or librarian fields which drives down wages in those fields and garbage collecting rates will be higher even though less education is needed in those types of occupations. This once again is not discrimination but a simple truth of the market place.


All of this boils down to the perspective of power. Women feel empowered by doing what they enjoy and not letting work run their life, where men feel more empowered succeeding at work and striving to get to the next level. Essentially men strive to earn more money that someone else will spend and they will end up dying sooner. 

Both of those routes can lead to greatly different income amounts, but this does not in any way involve any form of discrimination. If discrimination in the work place was a real thing, capitalism would root it out very quickly.

The argument from socialists is to get government involved to fix these issues by adding new laws restricting pay discrepancies between genders. The government never fixes anything and in making these sort of laws, this will end up hurting women by taking possible jobs away from them. If a company has to pay a man who is more dedicated to the company then a woman who will put less time in, the man will typically win out on getting the job.

Don't let the government hurt women by passing gender pay laws.

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