Trudeau Government Becomes Second Largest Arms Dealer to the Middle East

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Despite the atrocities caused by Saudi Arabia and it's ally's at home and against it's foes in the war in Yemen, the Canadian government continues to increase arms sales in order to help the oil rich country continue its bombardment of human rights abuses.

Under Prime minister Stephen Harper, Canada was 6th in the world in arms sales to the middle east. Now it hails as second, only behind the US, in shipments of military weaponry to the war torn region.

According to the National Observer, a Canadian publication:

Canada also sends military products directly to Algeria, China, South Sudan, and Colombia, to name a few countries with dismal records when it comes to human rights abuses. And our stamp is on weapons in many other countries thanks to re-exports from the US and elsewhere.

A large part of the increase was the recent sale of $15 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. Despite the public accusations that this equipment might be used to further the human rights abuse caused by Saudi Arabia. The UN has even warned Allies of Saudi Arabia of possible war crimes, this includes Canada.

The Saudi government has been testing its new military equipment on Canadian military bases. Saudi Arabia has been a long standing customer of Canadian weaponry, however now that this war with Yemen is in full swing, they are in greater need of more firepower.

These new figures put Canada at sixth in the world for total arms sales, and likely greater then that since Canada's military shipments to the US are not counted in those official numbers.

Many of the electronic equipment they sell are parcelled into larger military equipment in the US and sold to countries Canada does not directly sell to, such as Pakistan.

With the death toll rising daily in Yemen, the conflict there has been said to be a more disastrous conflict then that happening in Syria which is also supported by the US and Canadian forces (less directly from Canada).

With evidence of large numbers civilian deaths appearing, the UN has temporarily blacklist Saudi Arabia. Even knowing this, the Canadian government still went ahead with it's recent military exports to the desert kingdom.

The Canadian government overlooking the UN report by saying there is no hard evidence that Canadian exports have been used against civilians.

The Real Problem With this

The CIA warned the previous US administrations of a greater chance of blowback when meddling in the affairs of other nations. The west is experiencing this blowback on a regular basis with terrorist events happening all over the west.

Most of the military industrial complex in the west is propped up by foreign aid to nations around conflict zones. They give millions or even billions of dollars to nations like Isreal, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc with the requirement that this money be used to buy military hardware within the generous nation.

Without this foreign aid, the military industrial complex would be insignificant. There wouldn't be a real market for it like there is today. The more conflicts their are around the world, the more our military equipment is needed.

The free market would see way fewer large scale wars like what we see around the globe today. The war in Syria has been ongoing for over 5 years now, in large part because of military equipment coming in from the US and even Canada, the same could be said about Yemen.

Without all of these indirect government incentives into the military industry, these people would be hard at work building things that would improve the lives of millions, rather than destroying the lives of millions in other parts of the world.

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Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

- Hubert H. Humphrey