Thousands of Arabs & Jews Unite in Peaceful protest Against Illegal Occupation

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Benjamin Netanyahu recently approved a new Jewish settlement in the Palestinian lands of the West Bank. Something that has not happened for 25 years.

Seemingly missed by the mainstream media, in a display of neighbourly solidarity, over 2,000 local Arabs and Jews united to protest the decision. The protesters could be heard shouting, "Jews and Arabs are not enemies" and "no, to a government of annexation". Both Israeli and Palestinian flags were in abundance during the protest.

This rally shows that not all Jews have adopted the idea of zionism unlike what is commonly taught in the mainstream media, and not all Palestinians are terrorists. This beautiful display of affection of humanity should have made headlines around the world, yet, it did not.

According to Haaretz, the pro-peace organizers said the rally is meant to “protest against the continued Israeli control over the territories and especially East Jerusalem, and in favor of a peaceful solution and justice for both peoples.” 

Saturday's march was the first of many planned peaceful protests marking the 50th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.

Just hours before the march, tragedy struck as a Palestinian man stabbed two young Jews and a police officer before being shot and killed by Israeli police officers in the Palestinian held East Jerusalem.

Jewish occupation of Palestinian lands including the West Bank and East Jerusalem remain the most contentious issue among residents living in those areas.

The West Bank belongs to some 400,000 Jewish settlers and 2.8 million Palestinians. Another 200,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem, which is claimed by the Palestinians, but mostly controlled by the Israeli military.

Following the expansion of the Jewish settlements decision on Thursday, outside the 1967 borders, many world powers condemned their actions as being a major obstacle to the peace process between the two groups.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the new settlement building threatens “to further undermine prospects for a viable two-state solution, which remains the only realistic way to fulfill the aspirations of both sides and achieve just and lasting peace.”

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, warned Israel saying.

“I urge Israel not to take steps such as these, which move us away from our shared goal of peace and security and make it harder to achieve a different relationship between Israel and the Arab world,” 

Meanwhile, the French Foreign Ministry “condemned” the Israeli decision calling Netanyahu's move “extremely worrying.” Paris warned that the decision could threaten peace and exacerbate tensions on the ground.

A German government spokesperson asked Tel Aviv to “clarify” its position on how it plans to achieve long-lasting peace with the new expansion. 

“Germany will not recognize any change in the 1967 lines, which has not been agreed between the parties,” Haaretz cited the spokesperson as saying.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed disappointment and condemned Israel’s unilateral actions that “threaten peace and undermine the two-state solution.”

Washington, Israel's main ally, did not elaborate, with a White House official only saying that Tel Aviv “made clear that Israel’s intent is to adopt a policy regarding settlement activity that takes President Trump’s concerns into consideration.”

We believe the free market solution to be one that doesn't divide the people but one that makes people free to pursue their own desires in a non-collective but voluntary manner. What that would likely mean is instead of a continually failed 2 state solution, a 1 state solution where all the people of the territory would be governed by 1 government.

This solution would make the government accountable to all the people and not just a favored group of people based on race. All the people could vote for their rulers rather than be ruled by those they cannot elect. Their would not be such a thing as outside settlements. If you want a house, you buy it and live in it just like in most parts of the west.

The reason their is chaos over there is because of the differing view of the land. Zionists believe the land belongs to Jews because several thousand years ago God gave it to them. Non-zionists believe the land belongs to those who have possessed it most recently.

The UN divided the lands in the middle of last century and Israel has expanded those lands quite extensively ever since. Many Palestinians, out of anger and frustration have taken to violence since they don't have an official military, unlike the Israeli IDF

As long as 2 states exist in the area dividing darker skinned Palestinians with lighter skinned Jews, peace will never exist. The only solution we see is for 100% of the people of the lands to be free to determine their future, not just a portion that have a fully functioning government and military.

We hope for peace in order to protect the lives of the Jews and the Palestinians who merely want to live their lives in peace. Perhaps these recent protests will help to awaken those asleep to the ongoing apartheid existing in the region.

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