Scientists Agree, the Sun is Warming the Earth Not CO2

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For decades we've been bombarded by mainstream media reports about how evil CO2 is and how man's use of it is causing climate changes that will eventually kill off civilization and possibly end the human race all together.

Politicians have bought the hysteria, and are using it to their advantage to take more money out of peoples pockets and fund insane programs that once never existed. Many western governments are beginning to tax CO2 production under the slogans of "Carbon Tax" or "Cap and Trade". 

Many US states have introduced carbon tax initiatives and Canada has recently introduced carbon tax legislation in some provinces (Alberta and Ontario) and federally a new tax is being introduced.

Scientific Evidence

The science (and countless scientists) however, tells a vastly different picture than what is being told in the mainstream media. Sure, the earths temperatures and CO2 have gone up over the last 60 years, but they've actually been going up since the last mini ice age ended about 300 years ago. That's right, we've been coming out of an ice age, so you would expect the earth to be warming.

Carbon Dioxide has existed on this planet since the beginning of time. It is produced from all living matter on this planet, even the ocean produces it. Humans make a fractional spec of difference in the overall CO2 levels in our atmosphere. Volcanic activity produces far more CO2 than humans; so do animals.

But why would CO2 be bad if all life on the planet produce and need it and even plants grow larger and more abundantly when more CO2 exists in the environment? The secret is, CO2 is not an evil in our world, you and I and everyone else on this planet are made of carbon dioxide, it is how things grow and it is actually good to have, we should want more of it.

Most (non-political) scientists have discovered, the large ball of heat in the sky is the main cause of temperature changes on Earth. When there is more solar activity fewer clouds are formed allowing the earth to heat up more because it is being bombarded more by solar heat. Science indicates the sun has been less active during ice ages then when the earth was warmer.

When the earth is warmer, life on earth is more abundant. Just compare vegetation on the equator to that in the arctic for evidence of that. The cherry on top of all this is... when more life exists on the planet, more CO2 is produced and thrown into our atmosphere.

The historical records show vast changes in the earths climate. When the earth is warming, the CO2 levels rise, but they don't rise until the earth has warmed. CO2 changes always follow temperature changes. The science actually sounds very simple, and it is, but many have bought the MSM narrative including politicians, that a so-called 97% of scientists agree on global warming.

The 97% Argument

That statistic couldn't be further from the truth. In fact 97% of people who claim the 97% statistic have no idea where that statistic came from. An Australian climate change activist, John Cook looked at 12,000 papers on climate change and found that 97% of them mentioned CO2 is a greenhouse gas or that human activity has warmed the planet to some degree or another.

Greenhouse gasses are not all bad though, we need them to survive on this planet. The conclusion of the study was that 97% of scientists believe CO2 was causing climate change.

The study is obviously misleading but politicians and media have pushed the notion so hard that sceptics are demonized to the point that scientists are afraid to challenge the consensus in fear of losing funding or even their job. 

Scientists in our day have become what Priests centuries ago used to be. They are the experts and we should just take whatever they say as God's truth, anyone who goes against what they say is labelled a heretic and ostracized.

Environmental Politics

In Alberta, Canada, the provincial government who recently introduced a new carbon tax has criticized the opposition Wild Rose parties environment critic for saying, "the science isn't settled." The socialist government has even requested him to be  replaced calling him a "Climate Change Denyer." The Alberta environment minister said, 

"And despite the fact that the science is settled, the evidence is real, it is overwhelming, and they continue to trade in falsehoods and conspiracy theories. Albertans deserve better and and I believe they should have better from their opposition."

The truth is, you can find countless scientists that deny that CO2 has any significant impact on the temperature of the earth but most will agree CO2 is produced to a greater degree when the earth warms. 

Global warming activists are even trying to prevent growth around the world because they are afraid of creating more CO2, in so doing they are stifling developing nations from getting out of poverty. Greenpeace co-found said environmental activists are anti-human because they are preventing growth in developing nations.

In turn, we are now starting to get taxed, and taxed heavily for driving our cars or heating our homes because politicians want more of our hard earned money.

Big Government

We at Free Market Capitalism are against all forms of taxation as they coercively stifle productive businesses and people from achieving their God given potential. When you take money out of productive hands you prevent them from building better and more efficient products that we can all enjoy and use to enrich our lives and you also prevent them from hiring more workers.

Taxation is one of the worst kind of cancer that exists in our society. If you want to fund something, start a Go Fund Me campaign and have people voluntarily support it. If Obama or Trump want to send $36 Billion to Israel or Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wants to write a $2.65 Billion cheque to aid developing nations to fight climate change, they should only be allowed to do so on a voluntary basis. People work hard for that money and politicians just give it away to something they think is worth while.

Currently democracy allows the 51% to force the other 49% to hand over their hard earned money, and however much they decide, in order to fund political projects they may not agree to. Democracy in the west is broken. The US founding fathers had a superb idea for how democracy could work for everyone. 

They wanted a limited government, one that couldn't affect our lives very much at all. It's role was to protect people from aggressors, that's it really. Where the government feared the people, not the other way around. The entire purpose of the US Constitution was to protect the citizens from the government, but that document has become an annoyance for politicians and they simply executive order it away. 

Thomas Jefferson once said, "The natural progress of things is for the government to gain ground and for liberty to yield."

They weren't involved in nation building, education, healthcare, energy, urban development, etc. The free market would dictate the progress of the nation and it worked beautifully in the early part of the new world. Not so much anymore., now that we are bombarded with government regulations and endless taxation.

The Solution

Free market capitalism is the solution to our problems. CO2 generated global warming is a myth and a false one at that. CO2 is created because of an active sun heating our planet.

Our earth has warmed slightly over the last 60 years but so have other planets in our solar system, go figure. With billions of dollars at stake in the scientific and journalism communities, it will be a tough fight, but hopefully more people will just look at the data and question the establishment narrative.

For a wonderful in-depth visual explanation of much of the science and politics behind this debate, we recommend you watch the following documentary.


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- John Stuart Mill