Obama Spent Over $85 Million on Vacations While in Office

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While George W. Bush was slammed repeatedly for the amount of time he spent on vacation (with 490 days spent at his ranch in Texas) the amount of money that has been spent on Barrack Obamas vacation time greatly exceeds Bush’s.

In all, it is estimated that Obamas vacations have cost about $85 million dollars. This is a low figure and it is believed that when results are finally totalled, the price tag will be around $90 million dollars. Americans have begun to ask: why does a vacation cost so much and who is paying for this?

It is reported that the total cost of the Obama’s annual vacations to Hawaii have cost United States taxpayers $35 million dollars.

President Obama has been reported to stay in resorts with his family that cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 pre night. This type of gluttonous spending is outrageous and unnecessary. While a vacation is needed for any hardworking individual, the cost of Obama’s (28 vacations over the span of 277 days) is simply unacceptable.

The costs here contrast greatly to Bush’s vacations as he would travel to properties he owned and would therefore not at all be spending lodging fees. Like Bush, President-Elect Donald Trump is expected to spend his vacations at properties he owns as well.

The totals are also accumulated largely in the cost of flying to Obama family on the Presidential airline, Air Force One. Reports show that it costs on average $180,118 per hour to fly and operate the president’s plane.

The bill does not stop there however, the taxpayers also must cover the cost of the Secret Service while they travel with the president. A report stated that the bill for the secret services travel expenses for a 2015 Obama family Hawaii vacation cost 1.2 million dollars.

On top of the secret service costs, a presidential excursion must also pay for the travel costs of armoured cars, helicopter(s), presidential aids, car rentals, etc. Now, while many of the air force one trips are indeed business related, not all flights carry the president and are open to use by members of the presidents close family.

Presidents do get paid a salary every year and so this has become a gross mismanagement of taxpayers hard earned money. There needs to be a limit to how much the tax payer should be on the hook for in regards to presidential vacation habits. 

Hopefully, under the Trump administration far less will be spent on vacation time at the cost of the taxpayers.


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