Obama Just Legalized a Ministry of Propaganda for Donald Trump

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The latest hysteria put out by the establishment news organizations has been about all of the fake news purportedly coming from alternative media. The big claim is that fake news has convinced millions of Americans to switch their vote and elect Donald Trump.

Two nights before Christmas, Obama capitalized on this hysteria and signed a section 2943 to the Defence Authorization Bill. In it he officially connected the Federal Government with news outlets. Most people already know they have been in collusion to some degree, but now its out in the open.

In George Orwell's dystopian novel called "1984", where the government had full control of peoples lives, a libertarians nightmare, the Ministry of Truth was used to manage and control the lives of the citizenry. The ministry would rewrite history, invent fake stories and manipulate events on a grand scale to make the government appear more appealing than it really was. 

This ministry was setup to ensure the public all believed the same things and behaved in an orderly way.

This new bill Obama signed into law is America's Ministry of Truth. You might also call it the Ministry of Propaganda. In the bill, the Department of Defence will now spend $60 million to be handed out to news entities in order to respond to what they deem is propaganda.

In other words, the US government (in fact, the US military) will determine what propaganda is and what is not. They will prop up certain news organizations that fall in line and hand out tax payer money to the ones they favor the most.

Is this the free market? No. This is a scary development in the so-called free world. George Orwell warned us about government overstepping its bounds and envisioned how horrible life would be under that sort of an empire.

Obama just brought us one step closer to an Orwellian nightmare. We only hope Donald Trump read 1984 and will remove that legislation on January 20th or shortly after. He doesn't need that kind of power and ultimately no one should be in control of that sort of power.

Many might draw similarities with this new authorization and the US government's nefarious programs to control its citizenry through Operation Mockingbird. This program was (I use the past tense loosely here) run by the CIA during the post-World War II era and was used to covertly influence national opinion for decades by influencing media in the US and abroad. It did this by secretly planting the CIA's narrative on the unwitting public mind.

A congressional investigation in 1975 brought the program to light. The CIA claimed it would no longer recruit journalists to do its bidding, however, Obama just legalized that program so it no longer has to operate in the shadows. It was likely hidden in plain site with the likes of the establishment media, but now he authorized the government to pay journalists to report articles that are favorable toward the government and its policies.

If you are a liberal, you should be ashamed of the Nobel Peace Prize President that you support, who just handed that power over to a Donald Trump Presidency. We'll see what happens next.


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