Medical Emergency in Germany; Lawmaker Wants the State to Cover Prostitution Expenses for the Sick

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The Green Party in Germany has been listening to Marvin Gaye a little too much; Sexual Healing is on their agenda. They propose the government should pay prostitution bills for those who are disabled and seriously ill.

A Green Party MP, Elisabeth, Scharfenbert told a German newspaper that she "could imagine" local authorities "financing sexual assistance".

The patients would have to prove a medical need and show they weren't able to pay to visit a prostitute on their own.

Already legal in the Netherlands, sexual services is considered a medical expense. In Germany however, prostitution became legalized in 2002.

With the growing support of the Green Party in Germany, and the growing attraction of the progressive agenda in Europe, it's likely only a matter of time before this passes. 

The Green Party currently has around 8% popular support in Germany and helped to form the coalition government in the last election.

The inevitable direction that government run medical care leads is to these crazy notions of the government taking care of everyones needs in more ways than anyone ever dreamed. These ideas will likely come to the UK and then to Canada and eventually to the US as the green party and liberal policies continue to grow.

A true free market would not have the government pay for abortions, sexual services and the like. With competition and privatization, we would see drastically reduced prices (due to competition), less waste and more efficient running of hospitals. 

Innovation would be at the forefront and patients needs would be taken care of far better then what we see currently in government run facilities.

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