Liberal Media is Deceptively Creating The Current Hysteria

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Obama caused 500,000 deaths in 5 of the 7 countries banned by Trump. Liberals didn't seem to mind that stat, but only when Trump banned entry from citizens from those countries that America is at war with, did they make a peep.

Liberal hypocrisy has no limits with riots, protests, fights, mainstream media improperly calling this a "muslim ban" even though the top 5 muslim countries aren't even on the list.

Most people protesting haven't even read the executive order. Mainly because most mainstream media outlets haven't posted it or any links to view it. Their headlines read "muslim ban", however when people actually get a chance to read it, it has nothing to do with muslims and never even says the word "muslim".

The ban is about limiting access to the US for travellers for countries that are high risk and ultimately countries the US is at war with because they are dropping bombs on them daily.

Ron Paul offered a great solution, stop bombing these countries and there wont be so many terrorists. The US has been at war with the middle east for 25 years now, surely they've created a few terrorists out of all the bombs they have dropped (26,000 of them last year alone).

But if they are going to be at war with these countries, then they need to be careful who they let from those countries into their own. It's simple common sense.

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- Hubert H. Humphrey