Last Year the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama Dropped 72 Bombs Every Single Day

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Last year, the Commander in Chief of the US Military, President Obama permitted 26,171 bombs to be dropped against perceived foreign targets. That means, every hour of last year, the US dropped at least 3 bombs on enemy targets. That's a lot of enemies.

Over 12,000 bombs were dropped in Iraq, the same amount in Syria and about 2000 in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. That is seven muslim countries the US military is at war with in one way or another. This statistic makes the United States the most militant country in all of 2016.

Most media outlets will tell you all those bombs were dropped on bad guys, sadly thousands of civilians were hit with these air strikes, creating even more terrorists as a result. None of these targets were found guilty by a jury.

The CIA warned previous administrations of these military actions overseas, referring to a potential "blow back" from these types of incidence.

The Bureau for Investigative Journalism has been tracking civilian deaths for years and they have found the Department of Defence significantly underreports the numbers of civilian deaths by about 6 times the amount.

The attack on al-Tukhar on July 19 is believed to have caused the greatest loss of civilian life of any single US-led Coalition attack. At least 73 civilians were killed, including 27 children, and some 30 were injured. 

Amnesty International reported a survivor of the attack at Ayn al-Khan say the following:

My mother, aunt, wife and children – a daughter who was four years old and a son who was two and a half were all killed. The woman and her son who I’d rescued were killed. Everyone but me was killed

In 2012 the Obama regime redefined the way they count civilian casualties. If any military aged male is hit by an airstrike, that person is always considered a military target and not considered a civilian by Department of Defence standards.

In this video Glenn Greenwald schools Bill Maher on the destructive trail left by US foreign policy.

When Obama took office, he claimed he was an anti war candidate. People expected him to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home. Sadly, eight years later he's still dropping thousands of bombs on those countries and several others.

Obama's words garnered him the Nobel Peace prize but his actions have been nothing but peaceful. Contrary to what most mainstream media will tell you, Obama has never lived up to his expectations.

The Nobel Prize has now become a laughing stock. They completely delegitimized their prize when they gave Obama the award without him every doing anything. They were captivated by his message, but his message was anything but aligned with his actions.

Obama has been in perpetual war his entire tenure as President of the United States. That is the longest any US president has ever been at war. So much for the peace president. Hopefully Donald can make an improvement on that statistic.

The following charts show the extent of military campaigns, the US and its allies have engaged in over the last several years. These are charted by from official coalition figures.

Airstrikes in Iraq from 2006 to 2016

Cumulative US and allied airstrikes in Syria

Cumulative US and allied airstrikes in Iraq

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