CNN Pushing Story About Trump Assassination at Inauguration

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The Clinton News Network (CNN) has been dreaming up scenarios that would allow their bromance with President Obama to continue into a third term. They are telling the public that if Trump were to be assassinated during his inauguration, then Obama or someone he appoints would be able to stay in office.

It's hard to imagine why CNN would push a story like this, other then the fact they are hoping this might come to pass. It will surely help promote the idea to their followers from the radical left, who detest Donald Trump.

During Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room", he discussed at length, with correspondent Brian Todd what would happen if president elect Donald Trump was to be assassinated. They promoted this message with the headline "Developing Now". 

Blitzer asked the question, "What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?". Todd posed the idea that perhaps a bomb blew up the podium killing both Trump and Pense.

He offered several answers to that scenario, one of which included Obama's appointee of the designated survivor to take over the reigns of government. In most of CNN's options, the Obama administration in one way or another would retain power.

This is a disgusting use of the media power that CNN has enjoyed over the last couple decades. It might be a reason why their ratings have plummeted as of late. They have become the crown jewel of the Fakestream Media.

There have been several planned marches on Washington against Trump's inauguration and also a large group of bikers have planned to show up in support and protection of the new president. People are not expecting Friday's events to be very peaceful. CNN just added kindling those flames. 

If you used to visit, we recommend you boycott that news organization for promoting such bigotry towards the newly elected President Elect. We have our qualms about Trump and Obama but we would never promote a supposed story about violence towards either of those individuals.

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