Amazon to Create 100,000 Jobs Over the Next 18 Months

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Amazon has announced it will create 100,000 jobs over the next 18 months. Currently Amazon has about 268,900 employees and will look to increase that figure to 368,900 by mid-2018.

The Seattle-based tech giant is looking to create the aforementioned jobs across the United States. The Jobs will range from software developers and engineers to entry-level positions and will include full benefits.

Amazon is believed to be posting for skilled positions rather than entry-level positions, however. According to current job postings by Amazon, there are 11,128 positions available in the technology sector, which is the area of the business with most openings.

It seems that there will still be a very large increase in the fulfillment center positions. Currently, there are only 1,291 jobs available in the fulfillment center sector showing a need for increase.

The Reason for belief in the posting of positions in the fulfillment sector of Amazon is due to the fact that there are currently a large amount of fulfillment centers being constructed in California, Texas, and New Jersey for the coming growth of the company.

Also, Amazon has a bit of an unfortunate track record when it comes to their treatment of their employees.

Incidents of riffs with employees include: labor disputes over working conditions and pay, reports of oppressive working conditions, and three class action lawsuits by drivers of the company over federal labor law abuses.

There is concern that the e-commerce site will be taking away the jobs of retail workers who compete with Amazon who make up one out of every eight jobs in the United States. Retail giants such as Macy’s and Sears reported less than ideal sales following the holiday season while Amazon are growing.

Many attribute this to the convenience of online buying, something that Amazon is a forerunner of. The shift in the way business is from retail to online shows that affect that the free market has on the change of business in the United States.

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