What’s America Facing in 2017?

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America. A wealthy nation, full of opportunities that has given the chance to more than one person to succeed.

A chance to flourish yearned for many nations, but earned here, in the star-spangled banner land. Earned with hard work, insured by the freedom guaranteed by the institutionalism of a strong federation.

However, is this system still existing in America nowadays the way it used to, some generations ago?

Is the United States of America still attempting to be the free nation that was meant to be since its birth?

Huge changes in the idiosyncrasy of the US society are happening right now.

Donald Trump, gay rights, national debt, immigrant’s policies, public health, environment care, etc.

All of these topics surround the context of the Americans daily, in a way that affects their priorities, and how they handle and create their own ideas.

This is a tunnel, a big change suffered by a nation, under the pressure of information, opinion, but needed of a logic and well-built arguments to debate.

2017 is a year that promises to be remembered throughout history as the opening time of a convulsed era.

These are some of the things that the USA is to face this “happy” new year:

  • Unprecedented Crisis: If Federal Reserve, failed anti-drugs policies, middle-east intervention, Obamacare, and state-coming help for banks about to bankrupt issues are not solved, the National Debt will destroy dollar's strength, bringing with itself an unprecedented crisis greater than the one of 2008, or even greater than the Great Depression, occurred in the XX century.

  • Socialism: It is crucial for the American society to go back to the culture of freedom, and hard work, that raised this nation to what it is today. Forgetting about excuses brought trough hate ideas, always remembering that the power to achieve one’s aspirations is always in our own hands. Remembering that the State is an institution the same height of any citizen, who does not give any privilege and who does not control anyone’s life, but who instead assurances that justice is applied correctly. If this is not handled with the importance it deserves, it might shatter into a lot of pieces of frustration, failed revolutions and poverty.

  • Immigrant Revolution: Although it might sound a little yellowish, you will have to stop blinking to follow the steps that will take us to the new immigrant’s policies, which will be applied this new year. We have some clues of what’s in Trump’s mind about the changes coming for VISAS and deportations, but it’s always good to never take anything for granted until it finally happens. Whether if you are Latin or Muslim, hate is going to be trendy thanks to the airs of superiority sown during Trump's campaign, and scenarios already seen decades ago will come back to life with a new wave of xenophobes crimes in the front pages of the newspapers. 
    Immigrants are to the expectation, waiting anxiously to know what does the destiny hold for them.

Meanwhile, we still in a world which seems to be falling once again into the depths of ignorance, but hopefully trusting in the power of information to overcome this dark side of the story arising to be beaten... And so.


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The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant.

- John Stuart Mill