US Sanctions Russia, Putins Response, A Lame Duck Meme for Obama

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Many supporters of Hilary Clinton, have been very quick to blame Russia for rigging election results in favor of Donald Trump; declaring that the election should not count in light of these recent events. 

The mainstream media has accepted the CIA's statement saying, “Yes, Russian hackers affected the results of the election in favor of Donald Trump”, yet ignoring the claim made by Wikileaks that this was a leak from a DNC staffer and not the Russians who gave them the information. 

Claiming the results are of Russian doing is merely speculation rather than fact.

Several news stations and websites have projected the idea that the leak is factual and without Russia, President Elect Trump would not have been elected. 

Some have been quick to point out how this is merely defence for Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party as a way to distract from the fact that even though her campaign spent twice that of Donald Trump, she still lost the election.

Ben Swann from CBS 46 and others, including us at Free Market Capitalism have made it clear the nature of the claims are extremely shady and should be analyzed further before the establishment media should accept it as truth.

On top of being slammed constantly for the private email server and Benghazi scandal, Clintons campaign was marred after the loss for failing despite having nearly all of the mainstream media on her side. 

On top of that, Clinton spent $1.1 billion on her campaign whereas Donald Trump was able to win with having spent only about $512 million; this raises questions on the side of why was that much money necessary to have lost in such a crushing electoral college defeat to Trump.

As far as the sanctions go, many people feel that Obama acted incorrectly by expelling the Russian diplomats. 35 Russian diplomats are being expelled from the United States and the closing of two estates in New York and Maryland that were reportedly used as Russian intelligence centers. 

Russian officials say these were used as retreats for Russian diplomats. One wonders, if the Obama administration knew these buildings were being used for spying, why are they only being shut down now?

Putin released a statement that expressed his disappointment in the sanctions made by the Obama administration. In the statement, Putin describes the sanctions as being “provocative and aimed at further weakening the Russia-US relationship.”

Putin then went on to say that while Russia could respond similarly, no United States diplomats will be deported and they will not face any harassment or unwanted attention from Russian officials. 

Putin then went as far as to wish current president Obama and President Elect Trump positive holiday wishes. This all comes right after Putin and Trump expressed interest in strengthening relations between the two nations. 

It is hoped that this will be the height of President Obama’s controversial actions during his lame duck stage a president (the stage of his term something that the UK Russian Embassy referenced in a tweet regarding the sanctions recently through a meme) and that the United States and Russia will be able to improve relations as hoped, putting an end to these Cold War style actions.


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