Obama's Presidential Pardons Pass a Milestone

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Presidential pardons are on the rise as criminal justice warriors pressure Obama to use his clemency ability before he leaves office.

On Monday, President Obama granted clemency to 231 inmates, this being the most by any president in U.S. history.

Obama has doubled the number of people he has pardoned, according to the White House, a number that is now at 148. He has commuted the sentences of 1,176 which includes 395 people serving life sentences.

Sounding pontifical like, White House counsel Neil Eggleston said, “Today’s acts of clemency — and the mercy he has shown his 1,324 clemency recipients — exemplify his belief that America is a nation of second chances”.


Most of these pardons have been used for non violent drug offenders serving lengthy sentences, something created out of the failed war on drugs which led the US to have the largest incarceration rate in the world.

The American prison system helps to increase the national debt with an expense of over $74 billion every year, a figure that eclipses the GDP of 133 nations.

In a truly free market system, non violent acts would not be criminalized. Only acts that harm another person or their property would be an issue.


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