Obama Becoming Insignificant as Trump Gets the Nod for Syrian Peace Talks

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As President Obama's reign over American politics comes to an end, he seems determined to make as big of a mess for the incoming Donald Trump as he can. Placing the blame for the loss of the election on Russian hackers and engaging in sanction warfare by expelling 35 Russian diplomats from their American retreats. One of which is a Chef.

Putin not taking the bait with any retaliation of his own but offering a priceless Twitter meme instead, which seems to imply Obama has become an insignificant player in world events.

With Obama playing politics in the US, the rest of the world eyes the Syrian peace talks underway, without US government interference. Russia, Turkey and Iran have negotiated holding peace talks to resolve the chaos in Syria.

Russia's foreign minister (Sergey Lavrov) announced who he wants to see at the peace talks which includes: Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a UN Committee. No mention of the US... except, Lavrov did mention, "when Donald Trump comes into office, I wold like the US to join these efforts".

Has the US lost its clout as the world leader it once was or does no one really care about a lame duck president?

We at Free Market Capitalism are hoping for peace, in that these foreign governments stop arming the foreign terrorist groups inside Syria so the rebuilding can begin and the Syrian people can decide their own fate. We are also hoping to see the millions of Syrian refugees finally go home.


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