Montreal Banning New Restaurants

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Montreal politicians protecting existing restaurants by banning new ones.

So much for the free market deciding which restaurants should be in Montreal. Local politicians find it worrying that Montreal has the second highest restaurants per capita in North America, behind New York City.

Their solution, prevent new restaurants from starting up. Regulations like these generally do not help consumers and prevent the free market from deciding the winners and losers.

Consumers want more choices and more competition ensuring prices are low and service is top notch.

“I don’t believe in the free market anymore,” Ferreira (owner of a well established restaurant) said. “We have to protect the good restaurants.”

It's clear people like this are afraid of competition putting a dent in their profits so they use the power of the law to ensure they never have to innovate or adjust to changing demands of consumers.

You better hope this doesn't happen in your city!


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