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Obama Commutes Chelsea Mannings Sentence & Julian Assange Might Turn Himself In

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President Obama, in the last hours of his presidency has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning who is currently serving 35 years in a US military prison for espionage. In 2010, Manning leaked a trove of information to Wikileaks, related to illegal activities conducted by the US military around the globe. She is scheduled to be released on May 17 of this year, instead of her originally scheduled release date of 2045.

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Military Mistake in Nigeria Kills 100+ Civilians

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A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a refugee camp Tuesday, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers, a Borno state official said. A Red Cross worker said 20 volunteers with the aid group had been killed.

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Private Enterprise Creates Stunning Architecture

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We love beautiful architecture, especially when it is empowered by private enterprise. This week the American Institute of Architects (AIA) released the winners of the 2017 Honor Awards, the professions highest recognition of works that exemplify excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.

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CVS Selling EpiPen's Competitor Product at One Sixth of the Current Price

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In September of 2016 the medical community, and the United States congress, were appalled when healthcare company Mylan Inc. announced a 500% price increase (now currently at a cost of $608 dollars) for a two-pack of allergy attack saving EpiPens. The free market once again comes to the rescue as CVS has just announced it is selling a generic version of the drug at a sixth of the price.

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Obama Just Legalized a Ministry of Propaganda for Donald Trump

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The latest hysteria put out by the establishment news organizations has been about all of the fake news purportedly coming from alternative media. The big claim is that fake news has convinced millions of Americans to switch their vote and elect Donald Trump.

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New National and State Proposals to Solve the Student Debt Crisis

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The total of student loan debts in the United States is almost at $1.3 trillion dollars and is considered to be the next bubble following the housing bubble that burst in 2008 causing the Great Recession. President Elect Donald Trump, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan believe that they have plans to solve the debt crisis for young graduates.

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Socialist Venezuela Continues to Wreak Havoc on the Poor

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The president of the Venezuelan Republic has announced a drastic increase in the minimum wage in that country with a 50% increase, the 5th such increase within the last year. This was done in an attempt to shield workers from the worlds fastest growing interest rate which is due to draconian economic planning in that socialist utopia.

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